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University Day @ GR8Conf EU 2016

The day one at GR8Conf EU June 2016 Copenhagen, Denmark which is university day was pretty awesome with lots of hands-on  exercises or labs in each session. Also, we got very cool mugs following are the pics: The first day of the GR8Conf went beyond our expectations. The atmosphere, the sessions and the speakers really made the...

by Puneet Behl
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(In)Secure Authentication schemes in REST APIs

To make authenticated REST API calls in applications, several authentication schemes are used by developers. Some of them use HTTP Basic Authentication scheme, and others, as per their needs(or wants), use custom authentication schemes. Now, it's good to experiment but not at the cost of security. In this blog, we will look into the...

by Nikhit Kumar
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Day 3 at SpringOne 2GX 2014

Day 3 started sharp at 7:30 with the breakfast and then the sessions started from 8:30 AM and continued till 6:00 PM. The day was jam packed with varying sessions on Groovy, Grails, performance optimisation and the "Groovy puzzlers show" (Yes, it was a show ;) ). The highlights of the day were: #  Microservice Architecture With...

by Uday Pratap Singh
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Writing JSON APIs : Part I – Creating a secure JSON API with Grails and Spring Security in 3 easy steps

We had a requirement in a recent project to expose some of the functionality we had via a JSON API. The functionality needed to be secure, as was the initial web interface which exposed the functionality. We were using Spring Security for the security aspect of our application. The spring security plugin, together with a secured...

by Vivek Krishna
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Working With REST Call…

Recently I got an opportunity to work on making some parts of an application RESTful with secured access. It has been a good learning experience so far and encouraged me to write a blog on it. What I have done is nothing new but I never got things at one place in clear terms. So here is my effort to shed some clarity on it and hope that...

by Sachin
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