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Progressive Web Apps : A Philosophy for Modern App Development

With the advent of "Mobile first" approach, more and more applications are moving from web-only platform to both Web and Mobile. Now it sounds great to have my application work on both the platforms but the time and efforts doubles. PWA comes into picture here by helping build a web application which works as a mobile app or at least as...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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Top 5 Node.js Monitoring Tips for App Performance Improvement

Node.js framework has seen its popularity grow in leaps and bounds. Today it has become a universal development framework for organizations looking to develop lightweight, efficient and data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Some of the cool products that can be built using Node.js include: Chat...

by Dwiza Saha
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Node.js, Product Engineering

Paypal Reccuring Payment Integration with Node.js

I recently have provided consultation in a Node js project where monthly subscription via PayPal was required and payments are to be made through Paypal, so for that, I used Billing Plan and Billing Agreement API's for PayPal. This blog will help you in how to implement the recurring payments via PayPal for monthly subscriptions. We will...

by Parveen Kumar
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AngularJS, Software development

Integration of Google Map APIs

Software engineers and organisations lookout for effective ways to create new applications that save time and money. We can easily do this by using third-party APIs and SDKs. This blog talks about a useful Google Map API. I am working on a project based on Routing and live tracking of a driver's vehicle. Consider a scenario where a...

by Mahima Agrawal
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Java, Software development

Functional Programming in Java8 Using Lambda Expressions

Lambda expressions are the most talked feature of Java 8. Lambda expressions drastically change the way we write the code in Java 8 as compared to what we used to, in older versions.  Let' understand what lambda expression is and how it works. At first, you could think about lambda expressions as a way of supporting functional...

by Vinay Prajapati
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What is API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a software-to-software interface, not a user interface. With APIs, applications converse with each other with no client learning or intervention. API Workflow Example What is API Testing? API testing utilizes programming to send calls to the API and get...

by Keshav Kashyap
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Tips for Agile Development with Unit Testing approach.

This is more towards the best practices and my experiences for developing an application at a faster rate. In my current project, we are using many different APIs (for external services). And usually it takes time to explore, implement and then stabilize the application. Also, it's not over once you stabilize your APIs based code....

by Salil
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