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AWS Autoscaling group configured with ELB and Alarms in Boto (Python)

Autoscaling is a service in AWS, which is used to launch or terminate an instance based on user-defined policies, health checks, and schedules. There are several ways to configure an auto-scaling group in AWS, here we are focusing on implementing it in python using AWS python module boto. Before Creating  an Autoscaling Group ...

by Mayur Rastogi
Tag: AWS cloud Watch alarms

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AWS Security practices demystified

We come across a lot of instances of Cloud based applications being hit by DDoS attacks. We must accept the fact that most of us are unaware of risks and protection methods available for DDoS protection in the cloud. This blog post emphasizes on understanding DDos attack and providing an approach to prevent unauthorized access and usage...

by Ankit Giri
Tag: AWS cloud Watch alarms

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Alarms on custom metrics in Autoscaling group

Recently, I came across an interesting use case i.e to put alarms on custom metrics of autoscaling instances. Lets consider there is an autoscaling group for production environment and you need to put alarm on disk and memory utilization custom metrics. To accomplish that you need to follow the steps described below: 1. Create disk and...

by prashant varshney
Tag: AWS cloud Watch alarms