Supervised Machine Learning : Classification Problem

In the last blog we had a brief introduction to machine learning. We also took a shallow dive in classification problem in machine learning. If you have not read the previous blog, you can read it from here. Here, we will discuss how do we solve classification problem. We will use k-Nearest Neighbor algorithm (one of the machine learning...

by Kirti Nandwani
Tag: Data Mining

Big Data

Predictive Analysis in R using Rattle

R is the most common platform for predictive analysis. Rattle library is an extension of R which takes the predictive analysis to another level. This blog is focused towards  people who have some experience in R. Rattle is the library provided for R language that is used for data mining process, where you can apply different type...

by Mohit Garg
Tag: Data Mining

Big Data

Predictive Analysis – Introduction

Big Data in itself brings many challenges; as is the case with anything related to data. Predictive Analysis is one part which takes up much effort and attention as well. One of the foremost challenge which one comes across is how to get started with the "subject". I would first like to highlight the basic things which one must know, to...

by Rishabh Jain
Tag: Data Mining