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Smart Chatbot Implementation using RASA

In the era of chatbots, besides imitating humans they can also perform complex tasks like booking tickets for movies etc. Out of various implementations, Rasa is an open-source implementation for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Dual Intent and Entity Transformer (DIET) models. It can interact with databases, APIs, conversational...

by Sanmati Jain
Tag: Data Science

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Big Data Analytics: The key to delivering better online streaming experiences

Continuous digitalization, improving networking speed, and multifold growth of internet users globally have been the major catalysts for a dramatic spike in the growth of the over-the-top (OTT) video streaming industry recently. According to the recent research by IHS Markit Technology, online streaming service subscriptions are expected...

by Juvaria Khan
Tag: Data Science


Introduction to Machine Learning: A brief concept overview

You would have come across the terms “Machine learning” (or Data mining), or cognitive intelligence, “big data” or “data science” and wondered what they actually are. You might have used some tool or package in your job for data analytics, data modeling etc. but you don’t really know the underlying principles for it. Machine...

by Kirti Nandwani
Tag: Data Science