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Mounting Google Drive in Linux

Google Drive is an indispensable part of our life nowadays. From sharing almost every type of file to anyone/anywhere around the world has reduced our cost and time tremendously from self-hosting an FTP server and taking care of its security. From DevOps perspective, it becomes even more convenient if we could have our google...

by Vaibhav Gulati
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4 YouTube Tips and Tricks Most Creators Are Unaware Of

While most of the creators are busy with their daily chores of making videos for YouTube, sometimes they lose out on possible revenue or opportunities because the video was not optimized properly. Search for “YouTube optimization tips” and you will come across thousands of articles and blogs talking about various tools available for...

by Akhil
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Reading Google Drive Spreadsheet in Grails Application

OAuth is a secure mechanism to access google drive. In order to access google drive in your application you need to register your application at the google API console at Google API Console. Read the blog  Integrating Google plus in grails application by Vishal Sahu to see how to get client ID, client secret and redirect URL but in order...

by paridhi
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