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How to Solve Some Common Coding Challenges in React Native?

React Native is a framework that provides the facility to develop applications for both Android and iOS. If you are beginner on React Native, you can read more about it on React Native Concept or React Native Website. For the last couple of months, I have been extensively working on this framework and through this blog I wanted to...

by Priya
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5 Reasons Why Apple TV is taking the World by Storm

Unveiled in September 2015, the fourth generation Apple TV sets the bar in being new-age and advanced among the range of smart TVs. Ever since its introduction, it has successfully managed to make the cut as one of the most luxurious TV streamers in the market. The set top box console delivers a quality that boasts of a very...

by Poulomi Nag
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12 Key Differences between Objective C and Swift

Apple recently unveiled a new programming language Swift, to replace Objective-C for OS X and iOS application development. The advent of Swift marks the transformation from a decade old language to a naive yet effective programming language - Swift. The main purpose of introducing Swift is to provide a new easier, simpler, more flexible...

by Swati Khatri
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