5 Reasons Why Apple TV is taking the World by Storm

17 / Aug / 2016 by Poulomi Nag 1 comments

Unveiled in September 2015, the fourth generation Apple TV sets the bar in being new-age and advanced among the range of smart TVs. Ever since its introduction, it has successfully managed to make the cut as one of the most luxurious TV streamers in the market.

The set top box console delivers a quality that boasts of a very sophisticated interface along with a very high quality viewing experience. This console is a state-of the art media player combined with an entertainment device which is a huge improvement from its third generation predecessor. It is capable of receiving high quality digital data from across various platforms and stream them on to the television.

With a surge in the number of apps designed for Apple TV, the App Store now houses more than 5000 TV apps outpacing its competitors like Roku and Amazon Fire TV. However, one must also keep in mind that most of these apps are originally designed for iPad and iPhone. Nonetheless, there are several key benefits of owning the fourth generation Apple TV that can be documented as follows:

  1.  Compact and Effective:

The Apple TV micro-console comes in an ultra-portable form which fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. It is an HDMI-compliant source device that can be connected with the an enhanced definition or high-definition widescreen television. This gadget is usually controlled externally with the help of a remote control or iTunes Remote app. It can also receive digital content from iTunes.

The new version plays TV centric programs like Netflix, HBO, FX Now, Hulu Plus apart from streaming apps like YouTube, Vevo etc. flawlessly. It also plays content from OS X and Windows computers. One can even buy several first run TV shows on iTunes for Apple TV which is a notch above its competition.

  1.  New Apps:  

The new Apple TV runs on the operating system called tvOS version 9.2. This has been a new edition as the earlier generations of Apple TV are not compatible with the tvOS. The tvOS comes with an App Store that allows third party developers to release their own apps on the platform. This will help the console deliver more immersive experience to its patrons with more and more engaging content finding its way to the platform.

The fourth generation Apple TV also hosts the new and improved Siri with an expanded search capability. It provides Siri support for Apple Music and App Store as well as live tune in support feature for live TV apps like ESPN and CBS. At the same time it has the Apple advantage of exclusive availability of apps and the home page allows full customization.

  1.  Expansive Market Size:

One of the key advantages of the Apple TV is that, it comes with the Apple tag which lets it have a ready base of supporters. Its exclusivity of apps also sets it apart from its competitors. Apple opening its doors to millions of registered developers, will ensure variety and versatility of Apple TV to its users. It comes second only to Google Chromecast which dominates the market in the area of media streamers, Apple may overtake it by 2017. Features like one-thumb gaming, an improved UX and panel organization makes it seem not so farfetched.

  1.  Intelligent Gaming Experience:

Apple TV comes in 2 sizes namely 32GB and 64GB which unlike the Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia, Shield and Roku counterparts typically doesn’t come with an option of expandable memory. The heavy-duty gamers may find investing more in the higher memory version worthwhile. However, with most of the people using their phones and tablets to store games, photos and videos, Apple TV platform need not be used to store things as it can access photos and videos through cloud.

On the other hand, tvOS uses an aggressive system of storage management for games supported by “on demand resources”; as it directs small initial downloads (about 200MB per app) as little portions of data that can be downloaded and deleted if the device faces any paucity of space and memory. Apple does make its gaming experience extraordinary.

  1.  Airplay:

This feature sets Apple apart from all its other competition. One can effectively use iPad or iPhone to stream apps like Amazon TV, SlingTV, Pandora etc. which are not supported in Apple TV (even though the iTunes is pretty comprehensive). Airplay is also helpful if one wants to play a game from iPad/iPhone onto a big screen. So Apple TV is as remarkable for accessing games and other miscellaneous apps as it is for TV streaming. Apple TV is one device that provides a holistic TV viewing experience to its customers.

Apple TV is certainly the most high-end and premium video streaming device that money can buy. With its luxurious look and feel, it has a great aspirational value as well. The all-round capabilities of Apple TV can also help it become an important tool in classrooms and boardrooms. And even though all video streaming devices stream content in HD, one may notice that the HD quality of the Apple TV is a tad bit better.

Now developers with Apple’s open source license can view the source code of Apple TV. This has facilitated a symbiotic relationship, where developers can learn and give suggestions on improvements and modifications that can be made on the application software. The evolution has led to a widespread developer contribution making it rich in content. By releasing App Store to Apple’s development community, Apple TV will soon host a plethora of customized apps.

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Here’s an infographic that summarizes the key features and various possibilities that comes with the 4th Generation Apple TV.

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The Apple advantage lies in its speed and fluidity, its looks, and its noteworthy voice search and command which can find it a lot of takers especially who want access to the massive collection of TV shows, movies, music and even games. However, despite its high quality and attention to detail, several potential customers may find its pricing a little too steep especially when compared to its competitors like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield.

But, don’t all good things come at a price?

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