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TechFluence 2018: 1 Day To Go!!!

After 4 successful editions of Grails Conferences, TO THE NEW is back with something big this time and it covers a broad spectrum of technologies. Introducing our flagship annual technology conference TechFluence. The conference sets the stage for learnings on technologies such as Blockchain, AWS, Docker, Java, Spring, NodeJS, React,...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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Java Garbage Collection – An Overview

Garbage Collection is a process to identify and delete the objects from Heap memory which are not in use. GC frees the space after removing unreferenced objects. The event in which Garbage Collectors are doing their job is called "Stop the world" event which means all of your application threads are put on hold until the garbage is...

by Greesh Kumar
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How a Newer Investigated a Java Out Of Memory Error.

So one fine day newer came to office and got an interesting problem from his team lead. One particular API was giving Java Out Of memory Error with only 10 concurrent threads. So the Newer started to investigate the problem so at first he reaches to the server and try to collect stats about the particular JVM Process that was...

by Satya Kanodia
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