Transforming Marketing Strategies Through Adobe’s Real-Time CDP

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Customer Data Platforms made easy – 

According to a report by Cdp Institute forecasts, the revenue of the customer data platform industry is at $2 billion for 2022, up 25 percent over 2021 which means that the exponential growth of the use cases of Customer data platform have done some wonders for the marketers. 

What exactly does CDP mean? 

CDP refers to the Customer Data platform, which is basically a centralized repository of all the updated and required recent activity and touchpoints on various platforms. This data then acts as a guide containing every required information to better segment, target, and personalize the content. 

So, what exactly is Adobe’s Real-time CDP? 

The Real-time Customer data platform provides a revolutionary way to integrate and enhance personalization to target the customers more refinedly. The data that serves as input is absorbed from numerous streams using Adobe’s real-time platform’s integration in order to combine them into single real-time customer profiles that you can utilize to provide personalized experiences across devices. 

Features of Adobe real time CDP

Now, the Question arises – Why Adobe’s RT-CDP? 

To answer this question let’s look at some of the most crucial features – 

  1. Managing B2B and B2C profiles under one hood – With the introduction of Adobe’s RT-CDP, the maintenance of hybrid user profiles with the help of its B2P model helps in determining the “ideal customer profile” according to your needs. Be it the general Email id and phone number of the B2C application or the ABM model of the B2B suite, You can mix and import the relevant data according to your needs.

  2. Data Security and Governance– RTCDP has patented data governance frameworks that guarantee to protect sensitive data. Even while giving access to the profiles of users, it follows role-based authorization across organizations so that the data remains secure.

  3. Rule based Segmentation and integration– While taking inputs from various data streams, most of the other CDPs take into account what’s best for “most users’ ‘ but Adobe gives full authority to choose and select the required attributes from the desired data stream. No unnecessary recommendation which might send the marketer the wrong way.

  4. Data Science-based workflows– You get the granular handpicked data you want from numerous streams. Now, how to use this to target specifically? Adobe’s RT-CDP’s data science ability provides you with AI-powered workflows, which will suggest making even better segments based on the data available so that no potential customer misses out!

Understanding Sources, Destinations, and XDM Schema

  • Sources

The Sources act as a repository of data from where we may want to include data in our decision-making database, which acts as the primary pool of information through which targeting occurs. The user can take data from adobe solutions, third-party software, or your preferred CRM.

  • Destinations-

The Destinations is the final amalgamation of the sources with the profile sent to specific targeting. Be it through Email services, Web push notifications, App push notifications, or a combined approach of all these channels. Additionally, the advertising on various networking platforms hugely benefited from the desired data.

  • XDM Schema – 

While the data flow might be cleared to you now, how exactly is the data required in RT-CDP? Well, this is done through XDM Schema. All the data has to be denormalized and provided to Adobe’s RT-CDP. This data then helps in curating the ID Graphs. The data inputs can be taken in batch format or streaming. This model and the Schema mapping allow the seamless data flow between the connecting channels. 

Orchestrating a journey for a case of credit card – 

So, the problem at hand was to effectively use real time data to serve meaningful communications, which should progress to lead conversion. 

For that, an effective communication program had to be designed- A customer logs into a bank portal and completes a transaction. Through a web push notification, he receives a credit card advertisement, but somewhere along the way, he drops off. And so, that’s where the game of automated workflows collecting real-time data starts. Through app push, the person receives a notification indicating that his activity of applying for a credit card is left halfway. This marketing activity was a great push to a potential customer. It was found that after integrating a unique sound attached to a notification, the open rate was comparatively higher than that of a normal notification sound. 

After that, a workflow orchestrating and containing several emails as well as sms delivery was triggered to convert potential customers. The journey was designed so that a combination of messages and emails was triggered according to the actions performed by the user. 

As seen above, it is one of the many journeys the company uses to enhance the reach and capture of the audience. 

 A robust strategy, along with the proper implementation of accurately designed nurture campaigns, helped the company to have an increased number of leads to customers. The usage of real-time data showed a jump of 18% in users interacting through our content to move further into the sales funnel, and so, Indeed, Adobe’s capabilities to drive a full-fledged campaign worked. 

How can businesses make the most out of it with the help of TO THE NEW?

Adobe’s real-time customer data platform is a game changer in the field of effective targeting and advanced personalization. With in-house provided numerous integration capabilities, the need to narrow down to the right channels that fit into your ideal customer profile becomes a necessary precursor to effective targeting. 

Now, How to decide the relevant sources for getting the information to target your ideal customer? 

Calm yourself down! Because we at TO THE NEW provide all the required services to make you and your business invincible and get you miles ahead of your competitors. 

Our experience in strategizing and selecting of right channels in the B2B Sector while carefully considering the information required from data streams along with segmenting, reporting, and building the most effective and precise workflows, helps in easing the journey from leads to customers.

From strategizing to implementation of operations, we take care of everything. Our Marketing Automation Services are the way to go for creating an unmatchable marketing machine.


Looking for an effective way to get ahead of your competitors? The right approach is to communicate with potential customers smartly and on their preferred channels. Then optimize the real-time data to optimize the content being shown. All of the real-time data can be used to make a single unified customer profile which will provide relatable instances to customers to serve all the intents and purposes of business. The first step toward increased audience reach and conversions is to select the right customer data platform, and the second is to maintain the marketing automation operations related to those platforms.

Fortunately, we at TO THE NEW provides all the required services for your business to scale and grow exponentially. So, surpass your targets by unraveling the power of customer data platforms and compelling marketing automation provided by us now!


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