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Design Approaches for Leading Mutual Fund Mobile Application

It was only from mid-2008 with the advent of smartphones, like HTC Dream, or Apple iPhone that it reached the mainstream, taking advantage of all the functionalities that these devices provide. As per Gadgetsnow, usage of the smartphones by Indian users grew by 43% in 2016 and 92% in 2015. A major thing to notice is that "Business and...

by Ravi Ranjan
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Top 5 Mobile-Testing Strategies

Testing a mobile application is often challenging as compared to web application mainly due to the various factors affecting the behavior of the application. Some of these factors include different operating systems and their versions, different screen sizes and different networks. In this challenging phase of planning and testing a...

by Shreya Agrwal
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Basic Implementaion of Drag & Drop Feature with UICollectionView

In WWDC 2017 Apple has introduced Drag & Drop Interaction API with iOS 11. This API will help to implement Drag & Drop feature within the same application or between different iOS applications. But for now, this API is enabled only in iPad. Now we will learn how to implement Drag & Drop feature in UICollectionView. This...

by Ashu Baweja
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How to Achieve React Native and iOS Bridging?

We love sharing our learning from the project. Recently, in one of our development projects, there was a need of bridging between iOS or Android and react-native. We were required to integrate the apple map with our application by writing the code in native iOS where the application would interact with the operating system. Once we get...

by Priya
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How to Implement Interactive Notification in your iOS Application?

Receiving and managing notifications on iOS is a nightmare until the introduction of Notification Centre in iOS 5. Android long held an advantage over iOS in terms of how easily users could interact. However, Apple has evolved how its premiere OS presents notification from third-party apps, but has limited developers to title and string...

by Harsh Singh
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Simplistic Fullscreen Image Viewer: React Native

If you are working with the latest version of React Native like 0.35 or above, then there are lot of modules available to show an image in full screen mode. Now the twist here is when you are working with the older version of React Native. In this blog, I wanted to share how I implemented this use case on the application on React...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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5 Reasons Why Apple TV is taking the World by Storm

Unveiled in September 2015, the fourth generation Apple TV sets the bar in being new-age and advanced among the range of smart TVs. Ever since its introduction, it has successfully managed to make the cut as one of the most luxurious TV streamers in the market. The set top box console delivers a quality that boasts of a very...

by Poulomi Nag
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Swift For-Loops

In Swift 3.0 C-style for-loops will be removed. This will force developers to use a swift syntax for for-loops. So lets begin with swift for loops : Looping n times [code language="objc"] // output is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 for i in 0..<10 { print(i) } // or for i in 0...9 { print(i) } [/code] Looping n...

by Ashu Baweja
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12 Key Differences between Objective C and Swift

Apple recently unveiled a new programming language Swift, to replace Objective-C for OS X and iOS application development. The advent of Swift marks the transformation from a decade old language to a naive yet effective programming language - Swift. The main purpose of introducing Swift is to provide a new easier, simpler, more flexible...

by Swati Khatri
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Playing with 3D Touch—iOS

As we know that Apple has got a very different way to interact with the device in 6s and 6s plus by introducing 3D touch. In 3D touch, the phone judges how much pressure we are applying over the device and perform an appropriate action accordingly. iPhone responds to the subtle tap when one interacts with the device and thus you will...

by Nehu Gumber
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