AWS re:Invent : AWS Config

14 / Nov / 2014 by Vikash Jha 0 comments

AWS Config, a web service being introduced this AWS re:invent. This web service is currently available for North Virginia Region. AWS Config enables Customer to get a complete view of configuration of AWS resources (EC2 Instance, Elastic IP, Security Groups , VPC , Internet Gateway etc) associated with your AWS account and also enables to view the relationship between all the resources and their configuration in the past which will also be used to see the configuration change over the time (if some resource configuration have been modified by any other resources). This will also let Customer to determine which resource affect other resources if some configuration changes.

The customer can now also be able to track the creations, deletions and visualization of all the resources.

With AWS Config, Customer’s will have full visibility of all the AWS resources that are interconnected with one or more services. This feature lets Customer watch them change over the time. This feature gives you the full history of all the resources that were changed over the time.

Features of AWS Config:

Manage Resources

We can keep track of all the resources and see how these resources are configured.


We can access the complete history of all the resources that were changed over a period of time.


With AWS Config , we can view how the resources are modified and how the change affects other resources.

We’ll be coming with AWS Config Demo in our next article.


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