Evening Session on AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling by Amazon and IntelliGrape Software

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IntelliGrape Software (Now TO THE NEW Digital) in association with AWS presented an Evening Session on AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling at Hyatt Regency, Delhi on 27th September. The event saw engagement from CEOs, CTOs and CIOs of e-commerce companies, start-ups and enterprises with a purpose to understand CloudFront and Auto Scaling better.

Some of the fundamental questions every digital business, especially the infrastructure teams within the business, ask is cost, scale, speed, flexibility and wastage reduction. Agenda of the session was to share views and discuss on how AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling endeavors to address these questions.

The evening started with a keynote by Deepak Mittal, CEO of IntelliGrape Software(Now TO THE NEW Digital) . Deepak shared his thoughts about AWS and why he is so passionate about it. He shared 3 key learning / insights from his experience on Cloud and AWS.

  1. AWS and Cloud are synonyms (in his opinion). He feels that AWS is still the ONLY & REAL cloud service provider. He corroborated his statement with the study by Gartner published a few months back, which says “AWS offers five times the utilized compute capacity of the other 14 cloud providers (combined together) in the Gartner Magic Quadrant”.
  2. Companies who used to be on Cloud a few years back, considered it to be an advantage for them. It has now become a norm. He mentioned that if somebody is not on Cloud now, it is a disadvantage for him or her.
  3. AWS provides a level playing field to start-ups and enterprises. He shared that AWS provides the agility to a start-up to an enterprise to experiment. At the same time, it provides start-ups the robustness of an enterprise (which was not possible few years back).

This quick intro was followed by an informative presentation by Amit Sharma, Solutions Architect at Amazon India. His session included brief introduction of Amazon CloudFront and what benefits CloudFront brings to the table. He also touched upon how CloudFront is being used by many startups and large scale enterprises.

Amit Sharma’s session was complemented by an elaborated session on ‘Demystifying Auto Scaling’ by Ankush Kilam, Cloud Consultant at IntelliGrape Software. Ankush started off with the basics of Auto Scaling and then got into nitty-gritties of it. He talked about typical business challenges companies face while provisioning for infrastructure needs. He talked in detail about how Auto Scaling is the apt solution for unpredictable and non-uniform traffic.

Aman Aggarwal, Cloud Practice Head at IntelliGrape Software (Now TO THE NEW Digital) , presented the last topic of the agenda. He discussed how American Swan (one of the leading e-commerce portals for lifestyle apparel brand) leverages AWS for its requirements. Key points of the presentation included how AWS (particularly Auto Scaling) helped it focus on key business rather than worrying about infrastructure cost & application performance for its highly fluctuating traffic base.

The sessions were followed by networking and dinner where attendees shared their experience with each other.


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