[Infographic] 8 Key Benefits of Using Container Technology

13 / Dec / 2016 by Shweta Sharma 1 comments

Developers are overwhelmed with the speed and ease in configuring development/test environments based on Docker technology and hence its adoption rate is rising. Docker’s have now become a preferred environment for development and testing and is transforming the software packing and deployment.

Container technologies like Docker or Kubernetes provision encapsulation of portions of software along with the code, libraries, system tools that are required to run the application. Dockers help in provisioning desired instance in very less time and ensure an application runs the same in different environments. Moreover, Dockers enable optimum utilization of servers as it can run more number of applications on a given server capacity as compared to the traditional operation delivery mechanism.

Learn more about key benefits of implementing Container Technology and Containerized Orchestration Tools in the below infographic:

Benefits of using Container Dockers

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