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[Infographic] 4 Best Practices for Container Orchestration

Digitally evolving companies practicing DevOps are constantly eager to leverage containers in optimizing their IT infrastructure via container orchestration. New York-based 451 Research estimates that the application container market will grow from $762m in 2016 to $2.7bn by 2020 according to their Cloud-Enabling Technologies Market...

by Apoorva Chawla
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5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Product development has become highly sophisticated over the years. Unlike the yesteryears, business agility is the key to survive competition and market demands. Most organizations are doing away with traditional hardware inventories and embracing cloud and other digital technologies for the numerous benefits. Apart from moving to Cloud,...

by kinshuk jhala
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[Infographic] 8 Key Benefits of Using Container Technology

Developers are overwhelmed with the speed and ease in configuring development/test environments based on Docker technology and hence its adoption rate is rising. Docker's have now become a preferred environment for development and testing and is transforming the software packing and deployment. Container technologies like Docker or...

by Shweta Sharma
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