[Infographics] The Science Behind Cross Device Conversion Tracking

17 / Nov / 2015 by Ankit Chhabra 0 comments

Cross-device buying is a phenomenon in which the consumers are choosing different devices in different phases of their purchase. The consumers start with a specific device for their research and further traverse on to a different device to make the decision to buy and some more devices to make the final purchase. Cross-device purchase as a phenomenon has come up with the advent of a new segment of consumers called – the Connected Consumers.

Connected consumers by definition are – Consumers who are perpetually connected to each other, to internet and to brands through the adoption of one or more internet-connected devices. A significant behavior of these connected consumers is traversing through multiple devices in their path to purchase a product specifically called the omni-channel buyer’s journey.  There are some unanswered questions on this omni-channel buyer’s journey –

  1. How does this omni-channel buyer’s journey look like?
  2. What is the role of analytics in a cross-device purchase path?
  3. How to track the consumer in a multi-device purchase path and then create a marketing strategy?
  4. What solutions are available in the market?
  5. Which solution is more relevant to my business?

This infographic provides a brief answer to all these questions, for a detailed read on these topics you may download the whitepaper –


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