Ankit Chhabra

Digital Analytics

[Infographics] The Science Behind Cross Device Conversion Tracking

Cross-device buying is a phenomenon in which the consumers are choosing different devices in different phases of their purchase. The consumers start with a specific device for their research and further traverse on to a different device to make the decision to buy and some more devices to make the final purchase. Cross-device purchase...


Digital Analytics

Cracking Cross-device analytics for e-commerce

The essence of Digital Marketing in e-commerce is the ability to derive the online consumer behavior and being able to position the best offering that pertains to a specific buyer persona, precisely called in management terms as “analytics-led digital marketing”. The true potential of analytics-led digital marketing lies in the data...



Snapdeal vs Flipkart: Anatomy of an Ambush Marketing Campaign

Flipkart had come up with its campaign #achhakiya for which it ran a series of advertisements on TV and had also filled most of the leading newspapers with this ad campaign. It also ran a hashtag campaign #achhakiya on Twitter. The messaging used in the campaign was that even after narrowing down on a product, people have decided not...


Industry Buzz

TOP 5 reasons why Online Streaming is the next big thing in India!

The music & entertainment Industry is buzzing with some latest developments by major OTT players that point towards a big change in the way the content will be consumed by the user online in the coming future. Here are a few updates that explains it better - 1. Launch of new VOD services HOOQ - the big-bet of media giants Sony...