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How to Use Dynamic Inventory for AWS with Ansible?

Do you know how Ansible works? Well, before we walk you through how to setup dynamic inventory, here's some food for thoughts on Ansible Configuration Management System A user using configuration management system will often want to save inventory in a different software system. As described in inventory, a basic text-based system is...

by Aakash Agarwal
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Continuous Delivery Best Practices

Continuous Delivery is the methodology or a software strategy where code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for a release to production. Continuous Delivery makes the code deployment possible at any time by a single click. Continuous Delivery takes care of the testing process before each deployment in any environment....

by Shivam Agrawal
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Launching and Configuring an AWS EC2 instance using Ansible

Ansible is a configuration management tool which configures and manages systems for multi-node software deployment. It is an orchestration tool which prevents an agent from running continuously on a server to fetch the desired configurations. Unlike Chef and Puppet, it uses a push mechanism to push the desired changes on the servers...

by Mohit Dayal Gupta
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Understanding playbooks in Ansible

My previous blog talks about overview of ansible, installation steps and a small demo on basic functionality of ansible. Ref Link Ansible-Configuration Management System Scope This blog will help you understand the basics of playbook and its terminologies. Ansible Playbook A playbook consists of simple set of steps called...

by Naina Motwani
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Ansible – Configuration Management System

Purpose: We have seen various instances of manual configuration on multiple servers which are similar and repetitive. When it comes to automate such tasks an easy process comes in mind - Configuration Management. There are several such tools available for this purpose. Ansible is one such tool that can be used for configuration management...

by Naina Motwani
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