Naina Motwani


Monitoring MongoDB using New Relic

Scope This blog illustrates advantages of New Relic over different monitoring strategies and step by step method to configure new relic plugin for mongoDB. What is New Relic? New Relic is a SaaS model (Software as a service) that provides capabilities to monitor applications in real-time. Why I chose New Relic to monitor MongoDB...



Understanding playbooks in Ansible

My previous blog talks about overview of ansible, installation steps and a small demo on basic functionality of ansible. Ref Link Ansible-Configuration Management System Scope This blog will help you understand the basics of playbook and its terminologies. Ansible Playbook A playbook consists of simple set of steps called...


AWS, Technology

Ansible – Configuration Management System

Purpose: We have seen various instances of manual configuration on multiple servers which are similar and repetitive. When it comes to automate such tasks an easy process comes in mind - Configuration Management. There are several such tools available for this purpose. Ansible is one such tool that can be used for configuration management...