Aakash Agarwal

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Fully Automated CI/CD Pipeline: Your business needs it right away!

The blog emphasizes the need for a fully automated CI/CD pipeline. The upliftment of virtualization of the infrastructure has made it a lot easier to come up with automated solutions, especially in the DevOps sphere. We will talk about the challenges and finally approach towards building one such solution, leveraging a range of tools.  ...


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How to Use Dynamic Inventory for AWS with Ansible?

Do you know how Ansible works? Well, before we walk you through how to setup dynamic inventory, here's some food for thoughts on Ansible Configuration Management System A user using configuration management system will often want to save inventory in a different software system. As described in inventory, a basic text-based system is...


AWS, DevOps

Leveraging AWS Data Pipeline To Easily Move Relational Data Between AWS, On-Premise Or Other Services

In today's time of data-oriented applications, there is a constant change and challenge in requirements of data onboarding from and to varied sources. You may find yourself stuck between traditional and time-consuming methodologies of data migration. These may incur unnecessary costs and other overheads, eventually affecting the delivery....


AWS, DevOps

Control Jenkins Steps With Conditional BuildStep Plugin

If you look forward to Jenkins for most of your development operations then, at some point in time you might have felt the need of something which allows you to condition your steps. Of course, it is not such a good idea to create individual jobs each time you want to run and test specific build step/s. The solution is to use...