Shivam Agrawal

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How to Create Plugin in Nagios Using Bash Script?

Nagios is an open source computer software application that monitors systems, networks, and infrastructure. With Nagios, we can monitor host and configure alerts on the services for servers, switches, applications. It sends alert messages to relevant people through emails when things go wrong and then sends another alert message when...


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How to Setup Consul Multinode Cluster with Docker?

Consul is a service discovery and a configuration system tool used to discover the services running on multiple nodes. It is both distributed and highly available. It provides a powerful interface to get a better picture of infrastructure and services running on them. Consul gives us a variety of features that help to determine our...


AWS, Big Data

Introduction to Amazon Athena

What is Amazon Athena? Amazon Athena is an analytics and interactive query service that use interactive standard SQL to analyze data stored on Simple Storage Service (S3). It is a serverless service i.e. there is no need to setup the instances for the datastore and manage the infrastructure. Also, there is no need to load data to...


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Continuous Delivery Best Practices

Continuous Delivery is the methodology or a software strategy where code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for a release to production. Continuous Delivery makes the code deployment possible at any time by a single click. Continuous Delivery takes care of the testing process before each deployment in any environment....


Big Data, Technology

How to Analyze Video Data Using Hadoop?

Video is the future of content marketing and reaches a large mass of customers within no time. Digital media environment is evolving rapidly and the increasing usage of smartphones and tablets has changed the overall consumption habits of audiences across the globe. Not just the social networking sites are swamped with videos; even the...


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Weave Scope – Monitoring, visualisation & management for Docker

Introduction of  Weave Scope Weave Scope is a monitoring tool and visualization for Kubernetes and Docker . It provides a deep level view of your app as well as of your full infrastructure, which allows you to find and diagnose any error in your distributed containerized app, in real-time. Weave Scope is use in standalone mode or...


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Database Migration using AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

AWS DMS is a web service that is used to migrate the databases to and from an Amazon RDS DB instance, or a database on an Amazon EC2 instance, or on-premises. We can migrate data between homogenous or heterogeneous database engines. One of the two endpoints must always be in AWS. The source and target database may be in same VPC or in...