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8 Key Strategies for Mobile Automation Testing!

Customer habits are quickly changing and evolving. Thanks in no small part to the growth of digital technologies and smartphones. According to one of the recent report from Comscore, Smartphone penetration has surpassed 80% in the USA. Companies want to leverage this fast-growing trend and provide a second to none experience to their...

by Shruti Kirti
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Appium: Some Advance Features, Key Codes and Limitations

Introduction  Appium is an unreservedly distributed open source tool used for User Interface as well as functional testing of Android and iOS mobile applications. Appium permits native, hybrid and web application testing and backing automation test on physical gadgets as well as on emulator or simulator both. It offers...

by Keshav Kashyap
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Test Automation Approach for Mobile Games

Challenges in Testing Mobile Games Games developed with OpenGL or ActiveX bypassing the OS level services so mobile elements aren't identifiable Elements in application cannot be identified by any locator stratergies like xpath, id, classname others  Inspector tools fails to identify on gaming application Different screen...

by Vaibhav Singhal
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