Vaibhav Singhal

Connected TV, Product Engineering

7 Tips To Consider While Testing Smart TV Applications

Brands foraying into Smart TV space need to provide a superior user experience for better recall and engagement as there has been a great increase in Smart TV content consumption. So, why are Smart TVs becoming popular?  Content consumption patterns are changing with the arrival of Smart TVs. This is definetely because of the...



Test Automation Approach for Mobile Games

Challenges in Testing Mobile Games Games developed with OpenGL or ActiveX bypassing the OS level services so mobile elements aren't identifiable Elements in application cannot be identified by any locator stratergies like xpath, id, classname others  Inspector tools fails to identify on gaming application Different screen...


Automation Testing, Technology

Parallel Execution with Selenium Grid

     Selenium Grid for Parallel Execution When we say parallel test execution in Selenium is achieved by Selenium Grid than statement is partly incorrect. Testing Framework like testng is used for parallel test execution Selenium Grid is used for automated testing execution on Distributed systems parallely Selenium Grid...