Unsupervised Learning | Clustering

In the last blog we discussed supervised machine learning and K-Nearest neighbour technique to solve the classification problem. If you haven’t read the previous blog, it is recommended you read it first. In this blog we will discuss another important aspect of machine learning, called as Unsupervised learning. As the name suggests...

by Kirti Nandwani
Tag: Clustering

AWS, Technology

Docker Swarm on AWS

This blog post refers to a newly established concept in Docker Technology i.e. Docker Swarm. The Swarm can be used for clustering of more than one Docker engines. Using Swarm, Docker containers can be launched to any node in the cluster. It comprises of 2 logics based on which containers can be launched and managed on the cluster nodes: ...

by Sharad Aggarwal
Tag: Clustering

Big Data

Predictive Analysis in R using Rattle

R is the most common platform for predictive analysis. Rattle library is an extension of R which takes the predictive analysis to another level. This blog is focused towards  people who have some experience in R. Rattle is the library provided for R language that is used for data mining process, where you can apply different type...

by Mohit Garg
Tag: Clustering

Big Data

Prediction Analysis using Knime

Prediction Analysis is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. There are various analytic and machine learning tool available in the market for predictive analysis. This post includes introduction of Knime followed by a sample use case of...

by Surendra Pratap Singh
Tag: Clustering