Sharad Aggarwal

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Docker Swarm on AWS

This blog post refers to a newly established concept in Docker Technology i.e. Docker Swarm. The Swarm can be used for clustering of more than one Docker engines. Using Swarm, Docker containers can be launched to any node in the cluster. It comprises of 2 logics based on which containers can be launched and managed on the cluster nodes: ...



Docker Kitematic for Linux

This blog post refers to a new addition in the Docker Family i.e. Kitematic. A lot of development is going around Docker Kitematic. Kitematic is basically a graphical User Interface that is used to manage docker containers. It integrates with the individual's Docker hub account and one can manage and use his/her Docker repos using...



Dockerizing Nginx and SSH using Supervisord

While working with Docker, I came across a use case wherein I was supposed to implement two processes in a single docker container. Docker has a limitation that only one CMD parameter can be provided in the Dockerfile as only one process can be run in the foreground. The use case included running Nginx and SSH on a single docker container...


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AWS auto AMI-Updater

The purpose of this blog post is to acknowledge a use case of AWS autoscaling. During auto-scaling in AWS, we often pass user-data and that user-data keeps growing with time due to which an instance spin time is increased significantly. For that purpose, we need to create latest AMI time to time with all the user-data packages...


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Setting up restricted remote SFTP server

This blog post refers to a use case I came across recently wherein, a few users had to remotely log into the server using SFTP. These users should be restricted to perform read/write operation only in their home directory and only from office network i.e the public IP address(es), their office network is fabricated upon. To achieve this,...


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Managing AWS resources using Puppet

This post showcases the latest functionality added to puppet resource library to manage AWS resources. Various AWS resources like EC2 instances, route53, RDS and ELB etc. can be managed, described and created using this module. This will also help to keep track of launching an instance in a new security group or an existing one and...



Using Docker Machine with AWS

Docker machine is  a new advancement of Docker team to manage docker servers. Using this tool, different docker server or hosts can be managed from a single workstation, be them in local LAN or on public or private cloud. Using docker-machine, we can provision docker instance at virtualbox, AWS, azure cloud, digital ocean, rackspace,...


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Setting up Mcollective and puppet push from puppetmaster

This blog focusses on setting up Mcollective and puppet push-pull environment in open source puppet, configuration management tool. Puppet has a default behavior that agents pull their respective configurations (catalogs) at regular interval of time. The blog refers to certain use case where you don't want an agent to make changes at...


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Autosigning of Puppetmaster and agents

This blog deeply discusses the autosigning feature of Puppet. During my journey to implement auto sign in our production environment, I came across various challenges related to security and making it as tight as possible and I was finally reached the last resort to achieve autosigning as per my requirement. Autosign is a feature of...


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Puppet manifests to change pem key of running ec2 instances

This blog is in continuation to our previous blog. The focus of this blog is to enable AWS professionals to change pem of running servers or to add a new user with sudo privileges to an EC2 server farm using Puppet. Similar use case of performing the same task using CHEF has been discussed here. So lets start. First of all, a test setup...


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Installing latest Puppet master and agent setup on ubuntu14.04

This blog post focuses on installation and configuration of two node Puppet setup, i.e. a Puppetmaster (or master) and an agent. Puppet is an open source configuration management tool used for automation of administration jobs across big server farms. It is written in ruby and uses DSL (Domain specific language) to write codes known as...



CHEF recipe to change pem file of running ec2 instances and adding a new user to all the instances and give sudo privileges

This blog is to enable AWS chef professionals to change pem of running servers or to add a new user with sudo privileges to an EC2 server farm using chef. The post actually refers to a production usecase in which there is a huge number of instances running on single or multiple pem files which needed to be replaced instantly to a single...