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How to Combine AWS Ephemeral Storage by Using RAID 0

As we know, ephemeral storage is SSD storage which is provided by AWS freely with specific higher configuration of instances. It can be used to get the better disk I/O, as this storage may lose data if instances stop. So we never use this ephemeral storage for important data. Below are the use cases where this combination can be used. ...

by Mohit Kumar
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Using Vagrant to deploy AWS EC2 Instances

Vagrant is an open source tool for building and distributing virtual development environments. It provides framework to manage and create complete portable development environments. Vagrant machines are provisioned on the top of VirtualBox, VMware, AWS, or any other provider supported by vagrant.This blog illustrates how we can...

by Shruti Lamba
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AWS Autoscaling group configured with ELB and Alarms in Boto (Python)

Autoscaling is a service in AWS, which is used to launch or terminate an instance based on user-defined policies, health checks, and schedules. There are several ways to configure an auto-scaling group in AWS, here we are focusing on implementing it in python using AWS python module boto. Before Creating  an Autoscaling Group ...

by Mayur Rastogi
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DevOps in the Cloud: Your Gateway to Success

DevOps and Cloud is a combination one cannot resist. It not only makes the development process more efficient but leads to business success as well. The advantages are many; on-ground indications reveal that DevOps is a more productive way to develop software, plus it means better quality resulting code and faster delivery time. With...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
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Top 10 Benefits of Using AWS

Very often people ask for compelling reasons on why they should consider AWS for their infrastructure needs. Though there are hundreds and thousands of customers leverage AWS in more than 190 countries, with hundreds of case-studies including companies like Netflix, Pinterest, Dow Jones, SAP,  Coursera, NASA/JPL, Reddit, Vodafone,...

by Aman Aggarwal
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