Ranvijay Jamwal

Ranvijay is a lead DevOps Engineer, accredited technical certified professional who has excellent ability to develop & implement technical solutions for any size of business and believes in learning each day. He is a charismatic and cheerful person who loves Linux shell scripting. Ranvijay believes that cloud and container technologies will bring about a revolution. He is also a Microsoft Certified Technology Associate. Besides he is a hardcore cricket fan, who has played state level matches and also loves singing and writing.

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Docker Swarm Multi-Manager Setup

Docker Swarm has gained a lot of popularity in the last few months. It is Docker's orchestration tool. Docker has been coming up with a lot of updates and Docker Swarm is very stable as compared to when it was launched. It is as Docker says "Production Ready." You can go through the blog written by my colleague on how to setup Docker...


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Deploy Code using AWS CodeDeploy and GitHub

The much talked about AWS CodeDeploy is being used as a daily deployment tool. According to AWS "AWS CodeDeploy coordinates application deployments to Amazon EC2 instances, on-premises instances, or both. (On-premises instances are physical devices that are not Amazon EC2 instances.)" On-premise support came in mid-2015. AWS CodeDeploy...


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The A to Z of Public Cloud Security Tools

You may wonder why an arrangement of servers, constructed of hard metal, which tend to run hot and weigh thousands of pounds, be called a “cloud”? This can be propped up only by an engineering diagram, in which data travels by an undefined pathway from beginning to end. So, the cloud refers to the randomized packet transfer protocol...


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Take your pick: Build-driven Delivery or Image-driven Delivery?

In the recent past, software has seen a revolution of sorts. The emergence of Docker and the containerization paradigm has questioned the basis of some of the software delivery principles. The result? People are opting for things unheard of some two years back. What’s more, they are now using them successfully to deliver software faster...



DevOps in the Cloud: Your Gateway to Success

DevOps and Cloud is a combination one cannot resist. It not only makes the development process more efficient but leads to business success as well. The advantages are many; on-ground indications reveal that DevOps is a more productive way to develop software, plus it means better quality resulting code and faster delivery time. With...



Docker Version 1.10 – The Big Change

Docker just released the new Docker version 1.10. Docker has tried push in a lot of big changes in order make it even simpler for its users. Even the last version that was pushed (Docker 1.9) brought about a lot of changes, especially in networking. Let's see in brief, what these changes are and how they will help you to use Docker...


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Docker Monitoring Using New Relic

In my last couple of blogs, I talked about Docker monitoring, why I would need Docker monitoring and how I can monitor Docker containers using AWS, Ruxit and Sysdig. Today, we are going to talk about another such tool which most of us already know about which also provides Docker monitoring. The tool is New Relic.   How to...


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Docker monitoring using Sysdig Cloud

Sysdig has been one of the most advanced cloud-based tools for monitoring your infrastructure. So, talking about Docker monitoring, Sysdig gives us a lot of insights about our containers, few of which we will be talking about in this blog. Docker is the most widely used and trending tool when it comes to DevOps. USE-CASE In this...


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Inter-container communication in Docker without links

As we know that Docker has released a newer version of their Docker Engine i.e. version 1.9. One major change is in the way we handle Docker networking and that is what we will be talking about in this blog. You can install the latest version of Docker from this link. It is supported in the newer version of Linux, for Ubuntu, Docker 1.9...


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Docker User Interface using Simple Docker UI App

I have always loved using Docker the traditional way. Running commands like docker run etc. has been the way we use Docker. While surfing the internet, I found this chrome app which can be downloaded and installed via google chrome and easily be used for getting a user-interface for your Docker Engine. It simplifies the way we use Docker....


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User Mangement using CHEF and AWS OpsWorks

CHEF is the most popular configuration management tool in the market these days as CHEF turns infrastructure into code and you can do almost anything using it. Recipes are the heart of CHEF. OpsWorks has been gaining a lot of momentum for last few months, the major factor being its support for CHEF. So, in this blog we will be discussing...


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Monitoring your Docker containers using Ruxit

Docker monitoring is very important when it comes to using Docker. In my last blog, I talked about how we can monitor the status of a Docker container using a bash script and AWS CloudWatch. In this blog, I will be telling you how to get insights of your Docker container using a tool called Ruxit. Ruxit is a tool that I found as I...