Using Docker Compose to Migrate WordPress Website on Docker

Docker is a like your mini virtual machine that is very light on your host resources. Unlike virtual machines, which need their own kernel, Docker creates virtualized experience on top of your running kernel. The mini virtual machines provided by Docker are called "containers". These containers are platform independent and can be...

by Raghu Sharma
Tag: Dockerfile

AWS, DevOps

Docker monitoring using Sysdig Cloud

Sysdig has been one of the most advanced cloud-based tools for monitoring your infrastructure. So, talking about Docker monitoring, Sysdig gives us a lot of insights about our containers, few of which we will be talking about in this blog. Docker is the most widely used and trending tool when it comes to DevOps. USE-CASE In this...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
Tag: Dockerfile

AWS, DevOps

Running multi-container Nodejs application using docker-compose

This blog post is about using docker-compose, a tool provided by docker to define and run multi container application using a single command. It uses a docker-compose.yml file as default input file. I got a use case which was to run a Nodejs application behind a Nginx acting as a reverse proxy in two different Docker containers. This...

by Navjot Singh
Tag: Dockerfile


How to deploy MongoDB Docker Containers using Chef

In my last blog, we discussed how to setup MongoDB replica set on Docker, and in this blog we'll be discussing setting up MongoDB docker containers using Chef. After going through this blog, you will be able to setup multiple MongoDB customized docker containers with ease. Use Case: As discussed in the previous blog, we earlier use...

by Neeraj Gupta
Tag: Dockerfile