Raghu Sharma

Cloud, DevOps

Introduction to Azure Container Service

Azure Container Service (ACS) provided by Azure helps to simplify the management of Docker clusters for running containerized applications. ACS supports 3 Orchestrators: DC/OS with Marathon, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes. We are using Docker Swarm in this article for the demonstration and assuming that readers of this blog are familiar...


Agile, AWS

Setting up Spinnaker on AWS

In my previous blog, I had given an overview of Spinnaker and its capabilities. And in this blog,  we will see how spinnaker can be set up for continuous delivery. We will set up Spinnaker in an AWS environment, though Spinnaker can be set up on any platform (Google Cloud, Azure, Cloud Foundry etc.) and it can be later integrated...


Agile, AWS

Introduction to Spinnaker – Global Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is the term that comes with agile methodology. You want to make changes frequently and deliver them without hassle onto production environment. Spinnaker is a Continuous delivery platform developed by Netflix that can make your way easy. According to the official website: "Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud...


Automation Testing, DevOps

Load Testing HLS Stream Using JMeter

  What is Video Streaming? Although highly unlikely, but if you are wondering the meaning of video streaming, it simply means that to play the online video, you won’t need to download the video completely. It offers you other advantages like you can jump directly to a section of the video and start playing it from there. As you...


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8 Reasons to Move to Docker Swarm

What is Docker Swarm: Docker Swarm is the orchestration tool from the makers of Docker. In the words of Docker website itself, "Docker Swarm provides native clustering capabilities to turn a group of Docker engines into a single, virtual Docker Engine." In case you are unfamiliar with what Docker is, you can read my previous post...



Using Docker Compose to Migrate WordPress Website on Docker

Docker is a like your mini virtual machine that is very light on your host resources. Unlike virtual machines, which need their own kernel, Docker creates virtualized experience on top of your running kernel. The mini virtual machines provided by Docker are called "containers". These containers are platform independent and can be...