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MONGOOSE Tips and Tricks for Uncommon Cases

Mongoose is an object modelling package for Node that essentially works like an ORM for many popular languages much like Hibernate is for JAVA. Below are some of the mongoose special scenario(s) I stepped upon while working on the project. It took me some time to figure it out. Hopefully below details would prove helpful to you thereby...

by Rachit Jain
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The Most Awaited Feature “SQL Joins” is Now Available in MongoDB 3.2

SQL Joins are used to combine documents/rows from 2 or more tables based upon common field present in them. MongoDB 3.2 launched the most awaited feature "Joins" which is supported in SQL database however was not present in the earlier version of MongoDB. This feature will change the way you design your database schema and application...

by Pawan Goyal
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Too Many Indexes May kill your DB performance

Everyone thinks of creating index, but nobody pays attention towards removing them once they are created and not required .Too many indexes or unnecessary index can degrade your DB performance. To Optimize indexes in mongo we need to understand following things : How indexes works in mongoDB: Let’s say we have created compound...

by Pawan Goyal
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Is your MongoDB publicly accessible?

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that delivers a performance oriented, highly available and scalable database system. Recently, a large number of MongoDB instances were found to be publicly accessible over the Internet. A large amount of data was leaked due to the fact that these instances were running an outdated and unpatched version of...

by Ankit Giri
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Mongo Delayed Node

  This was my live experience with Mongo when I felt need of something like Delayed Replica. I had a Mongo ReplicaSet setup for some client with 3 nodes - 1 Primary and 2 Secondaries. It is known that whatever is written to Primary’s Oplog, is replicated to the secondaries immediately without any lag or lag of some milliseconds...

by Amit Naudiyal
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MySQL to MongoDB Migration

MySQL and MongoDB are a very popular open-source databases these days. Through this blog, I wanted to share a use case of migrating MySQL database to MongoDB database and perhaps want to share few lessons during the migration process which would be helpful. There are three steps to the migration process: Suppose you have a user...

by Deepak Kumar Mittal
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