Deepak Kumar Mittal

AWS, Grails

AWS S3 file upload with progress bar using javascript sdk

You can upload files on AWS S3 using a server side solution, but in case of larger files it is advisable to use a client side solution. You can probably use JavaScript file upload feature of AWS S3. This is simple three step feature as described below: Step 1 : In the head section of your page include javascript sdk and specify...



MySQL to MongoDB Migration

MySQL and MongoDB are a very popular open-source databases these days. Through this blog, I wanted to share a use case of migrating MySQL database to MongoDB database and perhaps want to share few lessons during the migration process which would be helpful. There are three steps to the migration process: Suppose you have a user...


Grails, Technology

Grails unique constraint optimization part 2

In the previous blog Grails performance optimization - Unique constraint we have optimized Grails unique constraint. Now in this blog we will check another use case and will optimize unique constraint according to it. Suppose we have two domains having the following structure: [code] class Address { String addressLine1 String...



Grails performance optimization – Unique constraint

Grails unique constraint is very powerful way to check duplicate keys in any DBMS, but it has some impact on application performance. Lets check it by one example: Suppose we have one domain having the following structure: [code] class User { String firstName String lastName String emailId static constraints = { ...