Amit Naudiyal

AWS, DevOps

Resolving Private DNS Queries using AWS VPC Resolver

AWS offers Route53, as a part of Amazon's cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a highly scalable web service that can be used as internal DNS hostings. With Route53 you can host multiple internal domain names within your VPC (or group of VPCs) which are visible and accessible to the internal hosts only and blocked...


DevOps, Technology

Using Valid SSL Certificates for Free

There are many scenarios when it is required that we test our website(s) for the security. The top most item which comes in mind is SSL. Every Web administrator would like to secure his/her website using SSL certificates so that the end users can trust the website and can transact safely. But how does it work exactly? When a browser...


DevOps, Technology

Jenkins Parameterized Publishing

The popular Continuous Integration tool ‘Jenkins’ comes with multiple plugins which increase the functionality of Jenkins many folds and helps DevOps achieve automation in many ways. One of the most important plugins it support is Publish Over SSH, which helps to transfer artifacts to any SSH server and/or execute commands over SSH...


DevOps, Technology

Introduction to Berkshelf

People working with Chef Configuration Management tool know how Chef has significantly improved their ways of building servers quickly and reliably using cookbooks rather than using a number of scripts on a single or sometimes on multiple machines.  Recipes which are nested under cookbooks, are an integral part of Chef and helps...


DevOps, Technology

Fluentd – The Log Collector

Whenever we talk about Log Analysis which is to create some sense out of the computer generated records, we always need some tools which can first collect these logs from different devices, operating systems or any applications. These tools are generally termed as Log Collectors. There are two popular log collectors - Logstash &...



Mongo Point in Time Restoration

While working with databases sometimes there is a need to have data till a specific time or date across all the secondaries or database peers which is useful for testing a particular functionality. Also, in the event of outage, few folks would like to restore it to a specific weekend or month end just to have uniformity across all the...



Mongo Delayed Node

  This was my live experience with Mongo when I felt need of something like Delayed Replica. I had a Mongo ReplicaSet setup for some client with 3 nodes - 1 Primary and 2 Secondaries. It is known that whatever is written to Primary’s Oplog, is replicated to the secondaries immediately without any lag or lag of some milliseconds...



ClusterSSH: Control Multiple SSH Sessions

ClusterSSH is a group SSH administration tool. It is used to control number of xterm windows via single Administration console to allow commands to run on multiple servers over an SSH connection. Sometimes, you may have chances to enter same command on many servers. To do that, you have to login to each server and should enter the command...