BigData Search Simplified with Elastic Search by Manoj Mohan @ IndicThread’13

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The 2nd Annual IndicThreads conference on software development was held on 30-31st August 2013, in Delhi/NCR, India. The conference was aimed at discussing latest software techniques, tools and technologies, primarily in the domains of Big Data, Java and Cloud.

Some big shots of the industry, with years of experience as practitioners, mentors and speakers shared their experiences in 11 different sessions organised at the conference. One separate participant driven session called UnConference was also scheduled for short and open discussion on various topic of interest.

Manoj Mohan, a software developer at Intelligrape, was honored to present his session at IndicThreads on ‘BigData Search Simplified with Elasticsearch’. He has worked on various technologies for applications, ranging from building customer solutions in Grails to PhoneGap to GXT.

A quick review of what Manoj discussed in session:

  • The big data search problem
  • Some available solutions
  • How Elasticsearch helps solve this problemMore being just a full text search framework
    • What, when, why …
    • Features and advantages of Elasticsearch like built in sharding defaults, maintaining fail-safe node clusters and so on.
    • How Elasticsearch works to analyze data splitting a document into meaningful portions and indexing each of those portions separately.
  • More being just a full text search framework
  • Taking Elasticsearch to the next level

This session was really helpful for those who are into Big Data Search and looking for a powerful, distributed and easily scalable solution. Some of the big fishes who are already using Elasticsearch for searching across terabytes of data are Github, FourSquare, StumbleUpon and SoundCloud.

The conference was not only a converging point for programmers to deliver their presentations but also to learn from the experiences of others. Sessions which were appreciated most at IndicThreads’13 were about Hadoop, Apache Crunch, angular.js, Java Cloud, Graph database etc.

IndicThreads has the reputation of delivering world-class and vendor-neutral technologies since 2006. Indic Thread has successfully organized 15 such conferences, 2nd in Delhi/NCR. The conference was not only aimed at knowledge sharing but also to discuss and debate technology with thought leaders and to connect with tech companies at large.



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