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5 Considerations For Building Data Driven Applications

Innovation is at the center of application development. A lot of established companies as well as startups are investing big money in product ideas that have the potential to solve business challenges. While traditional applications are still in place, new age SaaS companies are developing amazing applications for web and mobile keeping...

by kinshuk jhala
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What is Amazon Redshift and why you should definitely use it?

So you have spent some odd years of your software development career and now you know many of those RDBMS implementations in and out. In fact, you also already know that RDBMS is not the only enterprise storage and due to frequent scalability issues you encountered, someday you found about Big Data tools. Chances are you were...

by Ajay Sharma
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DataSafe – A Data Archival Tool

#fame is India's first (and now the biggest) live-streaming app on IOS and Android platforms. This app allows people to create their own beam and go live immediately, or book a slot for future. As time passed, the operational databases of #fame kept on increasing at a great speed. As a result, the disk space utilization of database server...

by Rohan Kalra
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Prediction Analysis using Knime

Prediction Analysis is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. There are various analytic and machine learning tool available in the market for predictive analysis. This post includes introduction of Knime followed by a sample use case of...

by Surendra Pratap Singh
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Realtime Event processing with Esper

In one of the recent use case, we had to implement a complex event processing in real time mode. Storm is used as real time processing engine, but since It doesn't provide batching of events therefore we took upon Esper to do the required job. Esper can be thought as a complex event processing (CEP) component generally used for event...

by Mohit Garg
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Spark 1O1 – Revamping Hadoop

Big Data has witnessed a tremendous movement and growth over the last couple of years. As per the top research agencies, Big Data has recently emerged as the most successful “launch pad”,   giving a way to the maximum number of start-up ever.  As the space evolves further, more and more organizations of varied sizes and...

by Moonesh Kachroo
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How to Save MySQL query results into a text or CSV file in your local machine

MySQL provides an easy mechanism for writing the results of a select statement into a text file on the server. Using extended options of the INTO OUTFILE nomenclature, it is possible to create a comma separated value (CSV) which can be imported into a spreadsheet application such as OpenOffice or Excel or any other application which...

by Pavan
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BigData Search Simplified with Elastic Search by Manoj Mohan @ IndicThread’13

The 2nd Annual IndicThreads conference on software development was held on 30-31st August 2013, in Delhi/NCR, India. The conference was aimed at discussing latest software techniques, tools and technologies, primarily in the domains of Big Data, Java and Cloud. Some big shots of the industry, with years of experience as practitioners,...

by Bansi
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