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AWS Auto-scaling Lifecycle Hooks

The lifecycle hooks are the great feature of auto scaling, it helps to control instance launch and termination state within auto-scaling group. I got to know about this hidden feature when I was looking for a solution where I had to perform some automated tasks on the instance before adding/removing it from auto-scaling group. I was...

by Rajdeep Singh
Tag: Autoscaling


Attach and Detach Elastic Load Balancers from Auto-Scaling Groups

Recently AWS started a new feature of attaching and detaching the Load Balancer in an Auto-Scaling Group. If we attach a load balancer to an auto-scaling group it allows the load balancer to send traffic to the EC2 instance in the group. And when we are detaching a load balancer from a group stops it from sending traffic. I have 2...

by Aakash Garg
Tag: Autoscaling


Autoscaling Environment Logs Collection using LogEntries

LogEntries Managing log data across large autoscaling environments can be a time-consuming and expensive job. Logentries has designed a scalable service that dynamically supports autoscaling environment as log volumes expand and change dynamically. By centralizing all logs across distributed instances into one secure location, we can...

by Ankit Giri
Tag: Autoscaling


Evening Session on AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling by Amazon and IntelliGrape Software

IntelliGrape Software (Now TO THE NEW Digital) in association with AWS presented an Evening Session on AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling at Hyatt Regency, Delhi on 27th September. The event saw engagement from CEOs, CTOs and CIOs of e-commerce companies, start-ups and enterprises with a purpose to understand CloudFront and Auto Scaling...

by Bansi
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