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Infographic – Top 9 Tips and Tricks to Boost your ROI from AWS!

Gartner's Cloud Infrastructure as a service quadrant positioned AWS as a leader owing to multiple benefits that AWS offers to its customers. AWS offers reliable and inexpensive cloud computing services to global companies such as Netflix, SAP, NASA and multiple others. Some of these services include compute, storage, databases,...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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Enable Grails application to serve resources through CDN

In a recent project we were required to move our static content files to some CDN because servers were getting millions of hits every hour and many of the resources on the main page were static (like JS/CSS/etc). I hope most of the people understand CDN already. So, Iā€™m not covering any information on CDN fundamentals or how to set it...

by Salil
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Protect WordPress login using AWS WAF – Web Application Firewall

AWS re:Invent has already begun and keeping in mind security of your applications in the cloud, AWS has launched a new service called AWS Web Application Firewall. This service is intended to secure what you share on the world wide web via AWS CloudFront. Making the experience for the user better with more security is what AWS has always...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
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CloudFront Monitoring Using CloudWatch

Amazon CloudFront Allow us to monitor our website or application using CloudWatch.Using metrics, we can specify a time interval of as little as one minute for time periods in the previous two weeks. Following cloudwatch metrics are provided by CloudFront. 1. Requests ā€“ Number of requests for all HTTP methods and for both HTTP and...

by Prashant Sharma
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Evening Session on AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling by Amazon and IntelliGrape Software

IntelliGrape Software (Now TO THE NEW Digital) in association with AWS presented an Evening Session on AWS CloudFront & Auto Scaling at Hyatt Regency, Delhi on 27th September. The event saw engagement from CEOs, CTOs and CIOs of e-commerce companies, start-ups and enterprises with a purpose to understand CloudFront and Auto Scaling...

by Bansi
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