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Introduction to JMETER

BASICS OF JMETER Apache Jmeter is an open source testing software. Jmeter is 100% pure Java desktop application used for performance testing and evaluating the overall system performance under different loads. Jmeter is easy to use and can be downloaded for free of cost. It can work with many types of tests categories such as load,...

by Vikrant Kumar
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Advance Use Case of Load Testing Using JMeter

Apache JMeter, an open-source product developed in Java used to perform load testing of web applications and simulate user load with various parameters like a real-life scenario. There were few use cases that I came across while performing load testing on my project. These are simple and often very helpful in performing tests on daily...

by Vaibhav Gulati
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Load Testing HLS Stream Using JMeter

  What is Video Streaming? Although highly unlikely, but if you are wondering the meaning of video streaming, it simply means that to play the online video, you won’t need to download the video completely. It offers you other advantages like you can jump directly to a section of the video and start playing it from there. As you...

by Raghu Sharma
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JMeter Master Slave Setup In Multiple AWS Regions

In this blog, I’ll be demonstrating how to set up master-slave JMeter set up in multiple AWS regions. The aim is to generate load from multiple regions or multiple AZs in order to get a flavour of real load. For this purpose I am using EC2 servers, so a master server in Oregon region and the slave is running in N.Virginia region. ...

by Tarun Saxena
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Load testing using JMeter from a single server generally yields the inaccurate result which doesn’t meet the real-time scenario. When performing load test from a single server, there are some network bottlenecks which restrict JMeter to perform an accurate load test. If the number of users exceeds a limit, the network starts getting...

by Tarun Saxena
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Building MySql Database Test Plan Using Jmeter

In this blog we will setup the jmeter and we will see how to create a simple test plan to test the database server.We will use MySql database server for our test purpose or you can use any-other database. Setup requirement Download the latest jmeter from here and untar jmeter in you home directory. Download JDBC driver is...

by Prashant Sharma
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Load Testing an SMTP application using JMeter & Postal

In this blog, we will see how to perform load testing of an SMTP application exhaustively. We will be doing that using two tools, namely : 1) Postal 2) JMeter Postal is a program which tests the performance of SMTP email servers by sending random messages to the specified server. We can test the performance and throughput of an...

by Komal Gupta
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Load Testing Made Easy with a Simple JMeter Utility

Load Testing is one of the major aspect which we all do for our applications, especially for those which have publicly available pages and has very heavy traffic. JMeter is a very commonly used tool for doing load testing. As developers, it is a very good tool to have in our skill set.   However we, as lazy productive...

by Vivek Krishna
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