Vivek Sachdeva


FindResults and FindResult Methods of Groovy

In almost all the applications that we work on, we have to transform elements of a collection in one way or the other. We can do it in different ways. Let there be a domain "Employee" with following attributes: [java] class Employee{ String firstName String lastName Double salary } [/java] And we have 5 Employees: [java] ...



Bootstrap using faker plugin

Every now and then we have to bootstrap data in our application. It takes lot of time thinking what name to give, what description to add and other stuff. To overcome this, we can use faker plugin which can generate random tokens as per your need. To use this, add following in BuildConfig.groovy [java] compile...



Common JSP/HTML & Javascript Problems

Some of the commonly faced problems are: 1) In case we give different width combinations for cells of different rows, the width combination of first row is accepted and subsequent combinations are neglected. [html] <tr> <td...