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5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Product development has become highly sophisticated over the years. Unlike the yesteryears, business agility is the key to survive competition and market demands. Most organizations are doing away with traditional hardware inventories and embracing cloud and other digital technologies for the numerous benefits. Apart from moving to Cloud,...

by kinshuk jhala
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An Introduction to CircleCI

CircleCI is the continuous integration & delivery platform that helps development teams to release code rapidly and automate the build, test, and deploy process using Docker container. CircleCI is a reliable platform that works well with languages like Ruby, Python, NodeJS, Java and Clojure. Steps to Signup with CircleCI Signing up...

by Ankit Kumar
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Introduction to Bamboo

Bamboo is a Continuous Integration (CI) server that automates the release management for a software application, creating a continuous delivery pipeline. The project was released on February 2007 written in JAVA. Bamboo is free for open-source projects and also supports any build tool, including Ant, Maven, Make, etc. Since...

by Anup Yadav
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