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Top 5 Challenges on the Road to Digital Transformation

Over the years, the technology ecosystem has gone through many changes and has come a long way. With technologies evolving at such a rapid pace, the need to embrace digital transformation is no longer optional. Digital Transformation, however, is not a simple concept. It involves numerous layers of technology adoption and change...

by Aakanksha Sidhu
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[Infographic] – How brands are offering digital customer experience?

Customer behavior is changing rapidly as they are becoming digital natives taking full control of how they want to interact with a brand. Digitally evolved customers ask for information anywhere anytime, digital products and services, multi-channel experience and personalized (contextual) engagement. Improving customer experience has...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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How Digital Transformation Is Reshaping Businesses To Meet The Digital Age? The CX Context!

There has been a significant growth in the digital advances over the last few years. Companies are leveraging technologies and advances such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Augmentation, Machine Learning, IoT, Mobility, and Cloud to build disruptive products. While some of the digitally evolved companies have been able to tame these...

by kinshuk jhala
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4 CX Techniques That Help to Gain Competitive Advantage

[caption id="attachment_47124" align="aligncenter" width="632"]                                                           Source - Business 2 Community[/caption] Steve jobs once quoted “you got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology – not the other way round” We...

by kinshuk jhala
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