Grails GSP tag: grep

The other day I was reading the Grails docs and I came across a useful GSP tag: grep. I have been using Grails for over 3 years now but just recently got to see this new tag which has eased my life a bit in situations where the list of objects have to be filtered and iterated at the same time to perform some operations on them. The GSP...

by Abhishek Tejpaul
Tag: grep


Git – Grep

Still in my early days of using Git. Recently just to make sure that I have merged two branches  and have pushed changes to QA server successfully,I often used command "find | xargs grep" .But to deal with this kind of situations Git provides "grep" command. Just as name suggests this commands searches for regex pattern passed to it. ...

by Hitesh Bhatia
Tag: grep


Jquery : map and grep functions

Hi friends, I was going through some utility funcitons being provided by jQuery. Found few methods like grep, map very userful that saves me from writing loops. I could relate them with grep, collect respectively as provided by Groovy, thought would share with you. I will be taking examples with JSON objects say Student. grep() ...

by Amit Jain
Tag: grep