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Type Inference in Lambda Expressions : Java 8

Type Inference means that the data type of any expression (e.g. method return type or parameter type) can be deduced automatically by the compiler. Groovy language is a good example of programming languages supporting Type Inference. Similarly, Java 8 Lambda expressions also support Type inference. Let's understand how it works with a...

by Vinay Prajapati
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Day 2 of Gr8Conf IN 2017 – Hands-On Groovy Fun

After an exciting and eventful day one, we entered day two of GR8Conf IN 2017. Day two was pretty awesome with lots of hands-on coding and labs in each session. The day had three parallel tracks with amazing speakers. The atmosphere, the sessions and the speakers really made the day wonderful. Despite a cold day, we could feel...

by Abhilaksh Sharma
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