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Effective Bug Reporting

Effective Bug Reporting is a skill that every tester should possess because it is as important as finding bugs. If developers cannot reproduce the bugs reported by testers, then how are they going to fix it? Anyone can report a bug, but not everyone can do bug reporting effectively. A high-quality bug report is made up of following...

by Ubaid Ahmed
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Top 11 Best Practices in Software Testing

“To err is human” – Alexander Pope. Everyone makes mistakes, but you cannot ignore all mistakes. Some of them can prove to be very expensive. During testing of an application/product, a tester makes sure that mistakes done by developers are discovered and fixed before the product reaches the end user. The primary objective of...

by Ubaid Ahmed
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Directive Priority in AngularJS

Recently I discovered that every directive in AngularJS has a priority score assigned to it. While the page is loaded the priority plays a very important role in setting the order of the execution of various directives in single DOM Element. The priority is used to sort the directives before their "compile" function gets called. In simple...

by Gaurav Sharma
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