Auto Completion for Grails Scripts with Dynamic Version Determination

We are constantly striving to be more productive by minimizing key-strokes for a lot of commonly used shell commands. Alias is one way of achieving it, but it isn't always the answer. Bash auto completion is one feature that I use a lot. To avoid the hassles of working with multiple grails projects, I use this script and for auto...

by Vivek Krishna
Tag: shell

Database, Grails

Using Apache to save data in redis

In one of my projects, I was using redis database to collect some statistics and I thought of saving data into it at apache level. This would considerably enhance the speed of saving data as it would not require the interception of grails to save data. The first step for this was to install apache by firing the following command in...

by raj
Tag: shell

Database, Javascript/Ajax/JQuery

Export very large data from a MongoDB collection using script

In this post, we will learn how to use javascript as MongoDB shell script to export (fields of) a collection.   If you just want to execute MongoDB commands then look at the another post there..   OK, so let's focus back to the objective of this post. Generally, to export data from a MongoDB collection, we use the...

by Salil
Tag: shell


Bash script to open a terminal with multiple tabs on Linux start-up

All of the tasks performed by us after system startup such as opening a browser, MySql etc can be automated by following the steps mentioned below : 1. Write a script:- [bash] sleep 1m;gnome-terminal --geometry=150x50 --tab --title="echo" -e "bash -c \"echo "hello";echo "there";exec...

by Nitesh
Tag: shell


Linux Trick for screen collaboration or shell sharing

In recent week, i got to know about really good way of collaborating the screen in a linux.   Let us take a scenario, Suppose User having name 'B' on the 5th floor of the company is having a problem/difficulty related to code execution, unable to figure out what to do?, and then he call the fellow guy who can help him out, but he...

by Tarun Pareek
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