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Working with TestNG Annotations (Part1)

TestNG is a Java Framework to set up the execution flow of the code and for reporting purpose.  Annotations used in TestNG: Annotation Description @BeforeSuite BeforeSuite annotation method runs only once before all tests from the suite. @AfterSuite AfterSuite annotation method runs only once after all tests from the...

by Atul Sharma
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How to Add Screenshots to TestNG Report?

Taking screenshots during testing is often considered a good practice. Adding a screenshot to the test reports provides complete clarity and visibility of the application such as if the application is working smoothly or something in the application needs to be fixed. It also makes the report meaningful and presentable. While carrying...

by Ubaid Ahmed
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Soft Assertions in Selenium using TestNG

Assertions are used to perform various kinds of validations in the tests and help us to decide whether the test has passed or failed. There are two types of assertions in Selenium that we can place in our test scripts using TestNG: Hard Assertions Soft Assertions Hard Assertions: As the name suggests, these assertions put a...

by Kunal Shokeen
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