Harsh Verma

I am working as Sr. Software Lead (.Net and Umbraco) in Tothenew . I have total 8.3 years experience and I am working here from April 2014.


AD-Pods with JW Player

Introduction: All of us know about video Ad-breaks. Ad-breaks usually appear at the starting, mid or end of any streaming video to gain user's attention on a particular brand. Ad-Pods is an advance feature of showing multiple advertisements back-to-back in a single Ad-break. It can be dynamic or static depend on the user’s...


Front End Development, Technology

Implement dynamic content on web page using Web method in form of Json object

Introduction Json is a lightweight interchange format, it is easily understood by human and machine also. Json is a platform independent data format, it is compatible for all platform, with the help of Ajax call, we will get Json object data through web method to create dynamic pages content without post back on server. Here I am...



Bundling and Minification Features in Asp.Net 4.5

Induction As we know performance of website is major impact in website development, So we are all tried to increase website speed and reduce server resource.  To solve this problem ASP.NET 4.5 provide a new feature Bundling and minification – Whenever user request to open any website from the any browser , at same time there are...