Akash Sethi


Testing WebService using SoapUI

For the last several months, I was developing Web services for an external client. Then I came up with the need to test the SOAP services. Initially the easy way to go for me, I developed my custom application for testing it. But testing for different scenario becomes pain with that, So I was looking for a better/easier/configurable...



Receive Email using SubEthaSMTP (The local SMTP server).

In my Grails app, I came across a requirement of setting up an SMTP server for receiving mails and extracting their content. After exploring a lot I found SubEthaSMTP to be the most suitable. SubEthaSMTP lets your application receive an SMTP mail very easily. To setup an SMTP server in your application, You need to follow the steps as...



Magento Product Types

Product Types Magento CE offers a variety of product types Simple Products Grouped Product Configurable Product Virtual Product Bundle Product Downloadable Product Simple Product -As the name suggests,It is the most basic product type and it is suitable for all kinds of products for instance toys,DVDs etc ...



Magento Custom Theme Creation

To Create a new theme first we have to understand the Magento Directory Structure /app - Here all the php codes of applications resides. /lib -The external code library. /skin -Here the css,js and images resides. /app Now we take a short brief of...