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Kinshuk is a passionate marketing technologist by day. He loves writing about various digital advances such as Cloud, Big Data, IOT, Mobility, Analytics and more. He is also passionate about using new age digital media vehicles for increasing the overall marketing effectiveness. He has spent reasonable years in the technology sector working with inbound teams on various branding and marketing projects.

Cloud, Digital Transformation

How Alibaba Cloud is disrupting the Cloud ecosystem?

The ongoing technological evolution has influenced both, the customers and businesses alike. Evolving digital consumers and the rise of digital technologies such as IoT, Mobility, Cloud have together impacted the way of conducting business. There  is a need for global organizations to keep up with the pace of competitors and be...


Cloud, Mobility

Thinking Mobile First? 9 Performance Optimization Techniques You Should Know

Performance is a critical success factor to your Mobile First Approach. Whether you are showcasing mobile web experience or an application, performance is the key. According to a survey, 1 second delay in page load time can lead to 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions. Outlined below...


Digital Transformation, Experience Design

7 Super Cool Innovations in 2016!

Innovation and emerging technologies go hand in hand and impact the overall growth plans of many organizations. Product companies are constantly evolving building cool and fancy products breaking through the clutter. New-age remote development companies help them to turn their ideas into market realities leveraging key technologies...


AWS, Cloud

5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Product development has become highly sophisticated over the years. Unlike the yesteryears, business agility is the key to survive competition and market demands. Most organizations are doing away with traditional hardware inventories and embracing cloud and other digital technologies for the numerous benefits. Apart from moving to Cloud,...


Digital Transformation, Technology

Year in Review – Digital Transformation in 2016

Digital transformation is the profound transformation of business processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the opportunities provided by digital technologies. Digital Transformation impacts businesses worldwide. Fast paced organizations are able to re-engineer their existing business models and deliver products that can...


Cloud, DevOps

How to Leverage Cloud for Successful Digital Transformation?

We have witnessed a massive technological evolution over the years. From Social Media  to IOT, Mobility and Cloud - emerging platforms, products, ideas and technologies have changed both the organizations and the consumers. Evolving digital technologies have transformed consumer behaviour which in turn has led to a demand for a dynamic,...


Agile, Product Engineering

6 Product Roadmapping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

Product roadmap helps to define the growth plan of the product. Most product companies find it difficult to plan an accurate product roadmap because of the short and long term business goals that might evolve with time and lack of expert consulting. A good product roadmap not only helps to identify the level of investment required to...


Experience Design, Product Engineering

Infographic – Collaborative Design Thinking – The What and Why?

Design led brands are clearly able to attract user with their improved and consistent omni-channel user experience. Design thinking is the key enabler and a foundation for superior user experience. Collaborative thinking in design helps to come up with more ideas, quickly validate the design and amend it basis the common group...


Grails, Product Engineering

Grails Plugin Contributions by Experts @ TO THE NEW

Our experts at TO THE NEW believe in sharing knowledge by contributing to Plugins, speaking at conferences, organizing conferences and so on. Outlined below is the list of Grails Plugin contributions (both that we have developed and migrated to Grails 3.0) to extend various Grails functionalities. 1. Pretty Time - This Grails plugin...


AngularJS, Grails

MEAN Plugin Contributions by experts @ TO THE NEW

Our development team always strives to contribute to the community in various ways including speaking at conferences, hosting conferences, developing plugins to extend functionalities and so on. In this blog, we outline all the plugins that our development team has contributed towards MEAN stack: Javascript (MEAN Stack) Plugins 1....


Agile, Front End Development

Infographic – 7 Considerations Before Choosing a Remote Development Partner

The last two decades have seen a tremendous growth in the outsourcing industry. The principal drivers for this growth are cost and scalability. Lower costs and a more favourable business environment makes India the world’s biggest remote development destination. However, despite the benefits and unparalleled scope of outsourced...


Experience Design, Product Engineering

6 UX Principles That Guide Product Design

Developing new products is significantly challenging, both from the idea and technology standpoints. Having a brilliant idea with great technology knowhow isn’t enough to launch products and stay competitive. User Experience Design, one of the less talked about nuances of product or application development is one of the major drivers of...