Nishant Lakra

Nishant Lakra is an Engineer-Technology. He has been creating applications to provide business solutions.


StringJoiner in Java 8

Being a programmer, at some point of time we encountered a situation in which you wanted to join (not concat) multiple strings of delimited items in Java. Worst can be if you are provided multiple string literals. Just think for a second and how will you build a string of delimited items using these literals. Eg. [java] String str1 =...



Demystifying JITSI

What is Jitsi ? Jitsi is an open source communicator that allows secure audio/video calls and conference. It includes Jitsi Video-bridge which relays video rather than mixing. It also provides improved scale with higher quality and lower latency in media transfer. Terminology : WebRTC: WebRTC provides browsers and mobile...