Partho Ghosh


Grails fixture, a great way to bootstrap your data

In my current project, I was given a task to bootstrap some data for our application. Initially I was thinking of doing it in the old fashion way, that is, writing a full blown CREATE data code for data creation like [java] Book myBook=new Book(name:'MyBook', publication:'lorem',price:'200') Author author1=new...



A simple Read more/less grails tag

Hello world.. In a pretty recent project, I was a given a task to implement "read more" custom tag to implement "read more" functionality (a block of text followed by a read more link. Block of text expands and collapses on clicking of a link). I will be honest over here.I did a pretty bad job and implemented the tag in a quiet dirty way....


Android, Grails

Getting started with Android

Hello world, this is my first blog ever. So, apologies for any kind of mistakes committed :p Now lets get down with the actual business. Today I am going to talk about application development on Android platform. I am still a newbie on Android platform (a recent adapter in fact). I decided to write this blog so that other newbies like...